Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I'm Back... to Black.

Well, it's been some time since I've posted anything to my blog... I sort of had a vague sense I was neglecting it, but I'm a bit incredulous at how long it's actually been. There really hasn't been much going on fetish-wise until recently, so that probably contributed somewhat. So, all that said, I'm going to try to get back onto the rubber-horse, so to speak. (Yes, it's a thing.)

I've just gotten back from Rubbout 22, which is the longest-running annual rubber event in North America. The experience was, as always, something to remember. A full write-up can be read at Rubber Canuck's blog, and I recommend you take a look. It's quite interesting to see the sheer level of effort and dedication that is required to pull off a weekend party of this size. Certainly something to consider for any person with ambitions to start a similar event in their own neck of the woods.

I met some new faces (and muzzles) and had an all-around good time. Certainly, the highlight of the event for me was the puppy party. I'm not into puppy play myself, but it's a ton of fun just being around the action. Particularly when you get to see the reactions of all the "normies" on the street. A dog hood might be a bit pricey for some at about $200, but the reactions are absolutely priceless!

Out in tactical gear with the K9 Unit

On Davie Street. With the K9 Unit.

Unit 69, respond to a 3-11 at the Junction Pub.

Also, a fellow by the name of rubCAD showed off an absolutely jaw-dropping super heavy inflatable rubber suit. The thing is quite the monster! Made by MD Latex, it's essentially a full suit with gloves and socks inside of another suit with heavier gloves and boots attached, all mated to a gas mask. It makes an Aquala look like n00b gear! It wouldn't have fit me, and I didn't get to try it on, but I got hard just being near it. The only downside is that this fantastic rubber encapsulation comes with a hefty price tag. But, if you've recently been made partner at your law firm, it can be yours for a mere $2000. Act now, there's only 2 left!

Wow. Just wow.

Speaking for myself, I find its the social aspect of the event that I enjoy the most. Being able to interact with like-minded guys; to talk, and play all weekend is a welcome indulgence for me. I find myself already thinking about Rubbout 23. Alas, sadly, Rubbout comes but once a year.

(I shall update with more photos as I get them.)

Friday, 27 July 2012

RubberReview: Authentic Adventures

Authentic Adventures is by Cazzo Films and directed by Hans Peter Hagen. Released in 1997, it marked their first foray into kinkier porn for the young production company.

There isn't a plot, so much as a bunch of sex scenes loosely tied to each other. They're all filmed at an abandoned industrial site, as many european pornos seem to be. The scenes vary from good old fashioned dominant fucking, to a somewhat obligatory (these days) fisting scene. There's also a somewhat raunchy fuck in a mud puddle at the end. However, in my mind, this is all just filler. What interests me, is the first 10 minutes.

After gearing up in camo fatigues and donning paintball equipment, we're treated to very short paintball sequence where one "unfortunate" lad stumbles upon a man dressed in a military hazmat suit, gloves, waders, and a gas mask. I have no idea what he's doing, but its not important enough to delay him from overpowering the stunned twink, pinning him against a wall with his geared up body.

After examining his tongue (don't ask me why), he gives the boy a few good whacks to let him know who's in charge, but doesn't get especially rough. He pulls his pants down giving his captive's hard cock a few good swats and strokes, then they enjoy a little sensual tit play while kissing his gas mask. A few more swats to his face stops him for getting the wrong idea.

He explores the boy's mouth with his gloved hand, and then gives him a little fuck from behind. He gets him on the floor for some doggie style fucking. As he straddles the boy's butt with his wadered legs, he guides him with his gauntleted hands. It's hard to make out at times, but the rubber soldier is, in fact, wearing a sheath.

After a bit of fucking, the hazmat guy dives into the tight ass with lubed rubber fingers as he manhandles his swinging balls. A little more fucking, and he's ready to "release" his captive. He strokes him to a satisfying and loud, if not especially messy, orgasm. A bit splashes on his gas mask. His mission, apparently accomplished, he tells the boy to take a hike.

I think this scene is hot for a lot of reasons. The gear, of course, but also the lack of dialogue except for grunting and moaning; all you hear is sex and a gas mask. I really wish this movie was nothing but an hour of this. I could see a whole movie revolving around the mysterious rubber soldiers ambushing each boy and having his way with them.

Production: 3/5 - The film is fairly old, and it sort of shows it. Better lighting and camerawork would have made it all the more enjoyable. Still, its definitely not bad looking by any means.

Geariness: 4/5 - Authentic Adventures gets a high mark for its use of heavy rubber gear, which is a rather welcome departure from the rubber polo shirts and chaps that are usually seen in mainstream fetish films. The outfit is also nicely done, with a great Russian PBF gas mask, and waders. The rest of the movie has pretty nondescript skinhead gear and military fatigues.

Sex: 4/5 - The entire film has a lot to offer, running the whole gamut of orifice intruding activities. The scenes are varied and fairly interesting, involving chains, slings, and mud. The rubber scene could have been better, though I appreciate the exploration of this mouth. The whole scene feels a bit rushed, and none of the shots last as long as I wanted them to.

Overall, this movie has a lot to offer, and the rubber scene, alone, makes it one of my favorites.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mountie in Trouble for Bondage Photos

Or is he?

On July 5th, it was reported that an RCMP officer from the Coquitlam, BC detachment was subject to a code-of-conduct investigation, in regards to sexually explicit photos posted on the internet of him and a woman engaged in S&M and bondage activities.


The RCMP has not identified the officer, but published reports say Cpl. Jim Brown is the subject of the pictures, which show sexually explicit torture images, including one picture where the man is holding a large butcher knife to a naked woman's throat.
Brown could not be reached for comment.
Several of the photos show a bald-headed man with a goatee, dressed in black, leather-like pants, with a large machete. In one image he is binding the hands and feet of a woman who is lying on green grass and wearing a yellow dress.
Nothing the man wears appears to connect him to the RCMP, although he does wear a pair of tall dark boots in some images.

Read the full article here.

Eww... Girls.

However, on July 6th, another article states that it may not even be him in the more graphic photos. Incidentally, wearing tall dark boots does not make you a Mountie. The constable may, in fact, be the victim of association. And an jump-the-gun news media, eager for more sensational RCMP scandals.

The identity of the man in some of the pictures circulating through the media has been questioned.
Reive Doig, of Erotica Vancouver Magazine, an online website, said Friday that he knows the man in some of the more explicit pictures, and that man isn't an RCMP officer.
The Mounties have not identified the officer being investigated, but published reports have said Cpl. Jim Brown is the subject of pictures referenced in the media which show sexually explicit scenes.
The full article can be read here.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Frogmen are hot.

I think frogmen are uber hot.

One of the very first websites that I came across as a youth, was the homepage of a rubberman named ncapsul8. His website was filled with images of men in heavy rubber diving gear and hazmat suits. I was in love, instantly. Better still, his website had a very horny selection of videos, showing guys in great rubber gear getting worked on while in bondage. That was new and exciting for an impressionable young man. Moaning into a full face mask, the hiss of air, the creaking as heavy rubber gloves grope your straining erection until you climax into your rubber suit.

Ultimate. Hotness. In the age of dial-up, well worth the wait.

So, is it a surprise that frogmen turn me on? Not really. I drooled over issues of National Geographic, and longed for the day that I would be able to afford the great gear that I wanted so badly. Alas, that kind of gear is expensive. And not exactly something I could pick up at the local dive shop. But still, I hoped, I planned... I got a job. And eventually, eBay appeared, and finally my dream was within my grasp.

But what is it about a frogman that makes a rubberman's cock stir? The gear? Of course. The suit, whether heavy duty, designed for safety and protection or skintight. The specialized equipment, allowing a person to work and play underwater. The mask, transforming the man into a diver, nay, a frogman. The total protection from the elements, and encapsulation by their equipment. Being in the water, but immune to it. But the man inside is also important. There is the implication of hardiness, toughness. After all, the original frogmen were soldiers.

Source: The Frogman's Homepage.

When I think of a frogman, I picture a man, covered from head to toe in thick rubber. His face is concealed behind a dive mask; his breath is deliberate as he breathes from the air tank weighing him down. His feet are flippers, and his hands are thick gloves. Strapped to his body is equipment designed to keep him safe and allow him to work. He is strong, brave, and even a bit mysterious. He's an explorer, a savior, a worker, or a soldier. He's got a job to do, and the water is no match for him. In fact, he's in his element.

And then, back in the locker room, he has wild gay sex with his dive buddy while in gear. Hah!

Do you like frogmen, like I do? What makes it hot for you?

Source: Ning DiveGear group (defunct).

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Friday, 25 May 2012

Worker's Union vs. IML

Those who are attending or familiar with IML should find this interesting. There seems to be some drama surrounding this year's International Mister Leather event in Chicago. By extension, one can assume this would also affect the MIR @ IML events that are running concurrently in the same venues. I came across this post on Joe. My. God.

The 34th annual International Mister Leather convention is taking place this weekend in Chicago, where attendees at the host hotel could potentially face a picket line over a long-running union labor dispute.
Read the full post here.

Protesters at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in 2010.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stormtrooper Romance!

Found this little gem. Amazingly, its not really a comedy. Kinda heavy handed with the drama, but it's still a good watch. It's in Spanish, but there are subtitles. I'm sooooo glad they didn't make them stereotypically uber-gay.

Aw, so cute! Hope they got away!

Monday, 7 May 2012

A webcomic called Starfighter.

I stumbled upon this interesting webcomic, called Starfighter. I recommend you check it out.

The comic is drawn in a (mostly) black and white Japanese anime style, and is set in the future, where the characters are engaged in an interstellar war of sorts. The thing that makes the comic especially appealing is that the spacesuits are tight-fitting, black, and shiny. Did I forget to mention that there is some hot gay sex, too? Yeah, totally not safe for work.

Definitely check out the extras.
This is a yaoi comic. For those unfamiliar with the genre, yaoi, is art or fiction that features gay romance, produced primarily by, and for, females (Edit: Actually, not sure what the gender of the author is, but doesn't really matter). Of course, that doesn't mean we can't indulge in their fantasies, as well. Technically, bara is the correct term for gay stuff made for a gay audience, such as some of the artwork featured in Instigator Magazine, but the term is less widely used among English-speakers.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thin & Tight or Thick & Loose?

Do you prefer skintight latex or heavy rubber? They are each a staple of rubber fetishism, and indeed, both have many desirable merits. And while I doubt there is any rubberman that would flat-out deny the hotness of either, it's clear most of us have our preferences. Look at any rubberman's gear collection, including your own, and you'll probably see a bias.

Some guys prefer skintight latex, such as catsuits. They revel in the snug and supporting feeling of rubber hugging every curve of their body. As Bootbrush explained in his podcast interview, it moves with you, and feels like an extension of your body. It's a second skin that heightens every touch and caress. You feel protected, and yet, exposed, as the material conforms to every curve and bulge, leaving little to the imagination. The rubberman that you see is like you, but with a smooth, lustrous, latex body.

Other guys, including myself, lean towards heavy rubber; diving suits, hazmat, industrial rubber gear. We love the thick, restrictive feeling as the rubber encapsulates our bodies. The gear contains you, swallows you into the rubber gear itself; you are in it. Sensual touches are distant, yet subtle. You feel protected from the world, safe and secure in its rubbery embrace. You are transformed into a rubber creature, with a man hidden deep inside the shiny folds and ripples of thick rubber.

The reasons why we fall in love with particular pieces and types of gear show us the differences between the two, and also the similarities. Both give a sense of protection, and both are metamorphic. Both provide the same full-body, all-sensory experience of sight, sound, smell and taste. But a key difference to note is that skintight latex is made for fetishists. It's purpose is to feel sensual and look sexy. In that sense, getting into a rubber catsuit can be seen as inherently hyper-sexual. Heavy rubber, on the other hand, is generally made for safety, commercial or industrial purposes. It's the gear of hard working, tough, and often courageous (primarily) men. There must be a hyper-masculinity connection in there, somewhere. And the fact that we take this purpose-made gear, and the personae that it implies, and sexually pervert it, delights me to no end.

They each have they're own advantages. Skintight latex is a great way to show off every curve of your body. Your physique, whatever it may be, is highlighted in smooth, glossy rubber, and is a central part of your image. In contrast, heavy rubber can be seen as a great equalizer... it looks good on just about anyone. In this instance, the adage is true: the clothes make the man.

I'm generalizing, of course. With something so personal as a sexual fetish, there is always special meaning within everything. But, from experience and discussion, I believe my interpretation is fairly typical. Although, absolutely, skintight and heavy are not mutually exclusive. And anyone who loves layering will know that. And thin, loose rubber can be quite stimulating.

So, which do you prefer? Skintight or heavy? Or both, equally? If you had to choose...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Humbled, I salute you.

I just discovered Rubber Canuck's thoughts on some of the reviews regarding the weekend. Particularly, mine. His post is very enlightening, and I highly recommend you to read it. It offers a clear window into the side of Rubbout we don't often think about.

It's now almost 5 AM, and its been bugging me all night, so I'm going post this as soon as it's off my chest. Consider this an open letter.

I feel a bit guilty. And that's probably because I am guilty; of being ungrateful.

The review was hard for me to write, because I've always been a stalwart supporter of Rubbout, at least in so far as that I never really had anything but praise for it. I didn't pull any punches, and in retrospect, I somewhat regret it.

Obviously, for the enormous amount of time and hard work you, Rob, and Doug have put into Rubbout, my words must have felt like a slap in the face. To feel your work is unappreciated is never a good thing. It obviously bothered you, and that bothers me. That's not what I wanted. But, I made stupid assumptions, I spoke without knowing, and without consideration. For that, I sincerely apologize, to each of you.

I've always cherished Rubbout, and would be loathe to ever see it falter. My words were, indeed, harsh, but you were correct; I did mean well. I know that you can't please everyone, and so I should have been more understanding. Although, rather ironically, it seems that what you envision for the future of Rubbout is something I'd like to see. I'd like to help, if I can.

I know (more now, then ever) that organizing Rubbout is a massive undertaking, requiring great personal strength and sacrifice. I am humbled. And I salute you.

Again, thank you.

(I have edited the review.)